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Welcome to the Executive Coaching Consultancy.

We coach business leaders and their teams to navigate key transitions in a constantly changing and volatile business environment. We focus on strengthening performance by helping people to thrive and meet the challenges posed by 21st century realities.

We pride ourselves in tailoring our offer to each client. To find out more, please get in touch.

Developing Inclusive Leaders

We support current and future leaders through one to one Executive Coaching, our Inclusive Leadership Programme, and through Coach Training.

Women in the Workplace

Most companies are now committed to building diverse teams. It’s well accepted that teams do better when they reflect multiple perspectives. Our particular emphasis is on promoting gender diversity.  Our six-stage model looks at the shape of a woman’s career identifying stages where targeted coaching support adds significant value.

We focus on helping women identify their purpose and hone their leadership identity.

Working Parents

Recent research reports point to the maternity transition as the bump in the road when it comes to women’s careers. We focus on smooth transitions for individuals, their managers and their team to help reduce the “Maternity Penalty” which is now widely recognised.

Parenthood and career success should not be mutually exclusive. Our coaching offer supports all parents and their managers.

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