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The Executive Coaching Consultancy is the first consultancy to facilitate new academic research into the effectiveness of Maternity Coaching. This underlines the consultancy’s commitment to evidence-based practice and external research into coaching.  We also carry out ongoing desk research and post up to date, topical papers published by external companies and consultancies.

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The Great Awakening

If any of you have ever seen the notoriously dystopian TV series ‘Black Mirror’ then you’ll definitely recognise the recurring theme of the dark side of technology and AI. For those that haven’t seen it, we definitely recommend tuning in (as ironic as that it to this article), it gives an uncomfortable outlook on what […]

Ted Talk: Want a more innovative company? Hire more women

We love statistics that back up the need for diversity in organisations, as it ultimately affects the organisations bottom line. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and you will often get repetitive ideas without a different perspective. Embrace different perspectives and this can result in innovation. Which of course, is extremely critical for organisations to thrive. […]

Gen Y Men and the City

Why the career aspirations of young men matter when it comes to retaining and developing female talent