Jason Rabinowitz

Executive Coach

Jason has over 20 years of experience as executive coach, management consultant, facilitator and teacher, with a background in the some of the world’s most renowned blue chip organizations.


Most recently, Jason was head of the renowned Pine Street leadership development group at Goldman Sachs International, a role he took up after running his first consultancy business, collaborating with London Business School, McKinsey and Harvard Business School.  Earlier, he was director of leadership development at BP plc, and spent almost a decade as a leadership and organizational expert at the management consultancy McKinsey and Company, counselling senior leaders globally on transformational change.

Coaching Style

As an executive coach, Jason has coached senior leaders internationally across a wide range of challenges. His approach is always to consider the ‘whole person’, including mental, physical and emotional needs, and their underlying purpose and meaning.  Through a blend of empathic listening, appropriate challenge and reinforcement of the positive, Jason helps his clients unlock their potential and reach new heights of performance.

Special Interests

Jason’s work spans multiple industries, including the non-profit world, but his focus is on professional services firms.  Having worked in the world’s leading management consultancy and investment banking firms, Jason has first-hand experience of the unique characteristics of this sector, and can relate to the challenges its leader’s face, the exacting standards expected, and the intricacies of its power and politics.

Alongside his coaching work, Jason is active as an organisational and leadership consultant, which complements and informs his coaching; he helps leadership teams align around strategic direction and organizational challenges, and facilitates large-scale cultural change processes.  He is also an experienced group facilitator and executive educator, working with some of the world’s leading business schools.

Training and Qualifications

Jason is an Ashridge/EMCC accredited coach, and is currently studying there for a Masters in Executive Coaching; he is an accredited Immunity to Change coach (in conjunction with Professor Bob Kegan at Harvard) and licensed in several psychometric instruments.  He received his MBA from London Business School, an MA from QMW College (University of London) and a first class BA in business and languages from the University of Sheffield.

Current Clients

Jason also works with a variety of other clients, principally in professional and financial services, including law, banking, private equity, asset management and consultancies.