The Good Business Index 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of the Good Business Index Report 2020 by our not-for-profit the Good Business Initiative. It’s a benchmark tool designed to investigate and indicate the environmental, social and governance performance of major companies operating in the UK, with an audience of graduates in mind. Established with principles of fairness, reliability and repeatability, GBI set their goal to create a model to bring attention to some of the issues they care about, and believe are on the conscious of many. And from greenhouse gas emissions to a gender diverse board, the indicators have been created entirely with publicly available data. This too has been a principle of this index; to encourage greater transparency and bring a focus to what consumers and workers can find out about a business themselves. And with a focus on the graduate audience, this report highlights some of the things that really matter to prospective employees choosing where they would like to start their careers.

You can read the report here on the Good Business Initiatives’ website.