Welcome to Episode 2 of Shifting the Needle, our new podcast presented by CEO & Master Coach Geraldine Gallacher aimed at D&I professionals who are working towards a more sustainable and equitable future. In this episode, we focus on an issue that has been front of mind at ECC over the last few weeks. How we work together to effect real change has always been important. However, following recent events, we have seen the focus on diversity and inclusivity, particularly around the topic of race, significantly rise up the agenda. In this episode, Geraldine speaks to three members of our Executive Coach Team; Sam Akinluyi, Jessica Rogers and Jane Storer. Sam and Jess are both Black and previously had successful careers in the corporate world  and Jane has a rich history in the inclusivity space. Our aim was to discuss the interventions that businesses can put into place to dismantle racism and build an inclusive and diverse culture, to ensure that all employees feel a sense of belonging in that company. Whilst these individuals are experts in these areas, first and foremost they are experts in their lived experience and were very open with sharing those experiences. This podcast acts as a reminder to listen to what other people have to say and how in doing so, it can enrich perspective and opinions.

Producer Lizzie Pickering LinkedIn

Audio Editor, Cam Pickering