Winter Edition- Understanding Mental Health Matters

Welcome to our end of year issue of Coaching Comment.  I hope you are enjoying the Festive period and the chance to spend more time with friends, family and colleagues.  For some, this is not an easy time of year, as they may be reflecting on what or who they may be missing. 

Mental health in the workplace- winter edition coaching comment

This issue we look at how to support ourselves and others at more difficult times.  I focus on your mental weather, Lizzie Pickering and Gemma Bullivant explore grief and how to support those who may be struggling.  We also hear from Nando’s Alison Thorogood who shares what they are doing to support mental wellbeing. 

Mindful of technology and its impact on mental health, Hannah Bradshaw provides a roundup of some of the best tools to build resilience at home and work and Anna Kotwinski highlights what organisations can do to create healthy digital cultures.

 Do take a moment to look at the articles and please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for future issues. 

We look forward to being in touch in the New Year, and in the meantime wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Geraldine Gallacher, CEO

Geraldine Gallacher- CEO & Founder of the Executive Coaching Consultancy

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