Summer Issue-Talking about Transitions – Coaching Comment

Welcome to our summer issue of Coaching Comment.  

We have focused this issue on the theme of transitions – we live in an evolving world where the norm will be constant career transitions, so how we cope with change is increasingly an area we see as important for our clients.

I set the scene with a piece on why LQ (the ability to learn) will be more important than IQ as society is living longer and retiring at 65 will be a thing of the past.

We were delighted to speak to a number of successful career shifters who have made their transitions work and share what they have learnt along the way.

Executive Coach Naheed Majid discusses why understanding our identity can help us move forward in times of transition.

Parenting expert Elaine Halligan highlights how we can support our children as they manage their first big transition – that of going to school.

Neuroscientist Magdalena Bak-Maier explains why feeling safe is a key factor in high performance, and what companies and individuals can do to support this.

Executive Coach Jessica Rogers explains how ‘The Change Curve’ model is used in coaching to help people navigate change.

Do take a moment to read the issue, and we always welcome any feedback, questions or comments for future editions.

Best wishes,

Geraldine Gallacher- CEO & Founder of the Executive Coaching Consultancy

Geraldine Gallacher,
CEO at The Executive Coaching Consultancy

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