Returnships Taking Off

Returning to work after an extended hiatus can be daunting which is why ECC offers experienced coaching for individuals who are taking the significant step of returning to the workplace after a career break.

Our experience over the last 12 years supporting returners allows us to partner with organisations to design and develop bespoke return to work programmes to enable them to attract and leverage critical untapped talent.

Watch the video below where we interviewed some of the past participants, who have previously attended the Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Allen & Overy Return to Work Programmes, and they provide some insight on how they have been supported throughout the programmes and what they have found most valuable.

Returner Research

In March we conducted a returner research survey, to compare and contrast the perceived challenges of people on their journey back to work, with Returners that have actually come back.

These are the type of issues we explored:

  • Was the technological challenge as big as deal as they thought it would be?
  • How quickly did their confidence return once they returned to work?
  • Do people see them forever as wearing the Returner badge like an L plate?
  • Is the CV Gap an issue?

Our main interest having conducted the survey, was to find out what the best structure for a programme for Returners looks like, and how we can improve and give guidance to our client organisations for such programmes in the future.

The Research Results will be published on ECC’s website on the 17th of June. Do make sure you visit our website around this time to read the results.

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