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I’m amazed at how much potentially useful content is being produced at the moment in response to helping us adjust to our new reality. The trouble is, I just don’t have time to read it all. If I am finding it difficult to make time, and I have two grown-up children, I can only empathise with those who are about to become parents or looking after young children.

I’m hearing stories daily from our Parental Transition Coaches, who are still working with many individuals going through the parental transition and from our Core Team at ECC on our daily huddles, many of whom have young children. Not only are they giving insights into their experience, they are also sharing their challenges, tips and coping strategies with us.

We have identified some of the key areas that people are looking for some information about parenting topics and have set our Insights team the task of finding resources based on these topics each week, to create a list of curated content for you to have to hand.  The articles are grouped under different headings, including managing anxiety and communicating with your kids, as well as some resources for fathers and single parents.

You’ll notice that with these articles, we have focused less on how to manage your career. This is deliberate, because when it comes to getting through a crisis, you are probably looking to attend to issues closer to home first. Helping to minimise pressure points now can also only benefit in the longer term. Do scroll down to browse through the different headings. 

Geraldine Gallacher, CEO of the Executive Coaching Consultancy

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