Refresh, rethink and prepare to thrive again – Coaching Comment April 2021

Welcome to this Spring issue of Coaching Comment. As we arrive into Spring after many challenging months in lockdown, we have curated an issue which we hope provides a fresh perspective on managing yourself and your teams positively. You’ll find this issue slightly longer than other editions, but the reasons why we’ve done this are exciting and hopefully help to create impact for more working parents.

Coaching Comment: Refresh, Rethink and Prepare to Thrive again

As an Executive Coach and budding author, I am fortunate to have insight into vast amounts of research and resources that help people thrive in work and life. But, as with everyone, we can lose sight of what helps us and others in a given moment. Reading the many contributions from the ECC team in this issue, I was reminded of the importance of taking a step back to think afresh, as well as being grateful for so much wisdom around me.

I hope these articles and resources give you some opportunities for positive growth and support as we look forward to a new chapter.

In this issue Master Coach Kate Buller explains ways to spot the signs that people in your team may be struggling, and how managers and colleagues can support others practically.

Executive Coach Kerrith Harris shares her perspective on how to work through the challenge of a career tipping point and avoid making career limiting choices without exploring the options fully.

Executive Coach Patrick McMaster explores how managers can blend good business skills with emotional intelligence to lead inclusively and help keep working parents’ careers on track.

Parental Coach Melany Green shares a way of thinking about time differently to create some positive habits at work and home, and enable you to make the most of the time you do have.

I also had the chance to share coffee and thoughts about dual career couples with Jennifer Petriglieri who is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and the author of ‘Couples That Work’ in our latest Shifting the Needle Podcast. Listen AND watch here! 

We have included survey links within these articles that give you a chance to rate how informative and helpful they are to you. If you’re wondering why we have done this, we at ECC are in the process of launching an open platform that can provide a resource to support a larger population of working parents and carers within organisations. The articles featured in this Coaching Comment will be included in our new website area ‘Work, Family & You’. By sharing your thoughts, you will help to shape what we decide to feature in this area to be able to serve and support more working parents. Your feedback is extremely important to us.

We will be in touch soon to invite you to explore the new ‘Work, Family & You’ open platform which will include a range of resources from videos, articles and tips curated and created by our coaches, core team and clients.

Finally, we wanted to take this opportunity to hear from you individually about your hopes for what a ‘Return to the Organisational Workplace’ might look like by taking part in our “Hybrid Working” survey.  More details on the survey in the newsletter below. Do pass it on to your networks.

Enjoy all these pieces, and in the meantime, I wish you all the very best for a positive and healthy coming few weeks.

CEO – Geraldine Gallacher

In this Spring Coaching Comment issue:

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