Navigating the New Year Ahead


As we come to the end of 2020, and what a year it has been, we wanted to give you an issue that may provide a new perspective and give you some practical ideas to move forward positively into 2021.


It’s the time of year that many of us start thinking about the new year ahead, and I start this issue exploring goal setting, with a piece entitled Don’t set any goals for 2021’.  Drawing on neuroscience I challenge traditional thinking about goal setting, but also give you some tips that can help you look forward with a positive focus for the year ahead.

So many of our clients have found their boundaries have blurred over the last few months.  Debbie Moore shares tips on how to talk (successfully) to your boss about balance and boundaries Many can feel fearful of such conversations – I include at the bottom of the piece a case study from a law firm partner about flexibility and boundaries.

Executive Coach Gemma Bullivant explores how our natural leadership style can shift when we are stressed, and how this awareness can help us adjust our approach and mitigate the effects of stress on our wellbeing.

Taking a fresh look at boundaries at home, ECC Client Manager and mum of three Fiona Martin shares her tips to regain a little balance and calm. 

Executive Coach Hannah Cleaton-Roberts explores authenticity and the tension between authenticity and the need to adapt our style for other people and organisations.

Disability equality trainer and campaigner Mary Doyle Explains the Social Model of Disability, shares her view of the common barriers in society and highlights what others can do to support inclusion and become a Disability Ally.

CEO of the Good Business Initiative Michelle Weston explores why the unintended redundancies are reportedly rising at their fastest rate since 2009 in the UK and will no doubt continue to be a necessary corporate action for some.

Finally, some of you may have read and accessed the Parent Resources we curated at the start of the first UK lockdown to help our readers navigate the then ‘new normal’, we have since updated these resources to reflect where we are now and hopefully provide you with some helpful content to plan, consider and reflect as a working parent.

We do value any feedback or suggestions for future issues.  In the meantime, I wish you all the very best for a healthy and relaxed festive period.

Geraldine Gallacher- CEO & Founder of the Executive Coaching Consultancy

CEO – Geraldine Gallacher

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