Navigating Change

Executive Coach Jessica Rogers explains how ‘The Change Curve’ is used in coaching to help people navigate change.

The Change Curve depicts the stages of transition and clearly demonstrates that each stage is transient and there is a point where individuals can move forward, wiser and more resilient with clear evidence of their ability to cope with and manage change.

The Change Curve- Jessica Rogers

The change curve effectively demonstrates the change in work and also in life.

What are the stages of transition as illustrated by the curve?

There is the initial shock where the individual is processing the change and may feel a sense of excitement and elation, this period may be short lived as the individual moves to a state of uncertainty, they may have a number of unanswered questions. In a work situation you may feel like the change is out of your control. In life, the change may be something you have not anticipated and may pose challenges you have never had to deal with before.

As you navigate this period of uncertainty you will hit what feels like rock bottom, and although this may be hard it also signifies a turning point, as from here you find your way out.  At work, solutions may start to appear as you seek help or answers to your questions and at home, you will have found new ways to adapt to your new situations and new ways to tackle any of the challenges that have appeared.

How can you effectively navigate change?











Change and transition in life and in work is inevitable at some stage, it shows we are evolving and growing. Embrace the change as you move forward.


Jessica Rogers Executive Coach



Jessica Rogers is an Executive Coach with the Executive Coaching Consultancy.