May 2017 – The New Face of Leadership

Inspiring Social entrepreneur Gordon D’Silva OBE explains how the time is right for social impact to become a core business focus, and how leaders of the future see the need to make a difference too.

I develop the theme of leadership in my review of  The Chess Board and the Web’. What kind of leadership do you need in a networked environment rather than a hierarchical one?

On a more practical note, ECC Director, Emma Spitz, shares her ideas on how to manage your career during a period of change.

One thing we need when everything is changing and that’s sleep! There has been a lot in the media recently about the danger of sleep deprivation and we know it’s tough for parents when children don’t sleep well; child sleep expert Mandy Gurney shares her tips on how to improve sleeping patterns.

We have pulled together selected Ted Talks that our team of coaches love. Pick one that resonates and give your brain a treat by spending 15 mins thinking outside the box.

We are seeing the continued growth of Returning Talent initiatives in the City. Many of you will have friends who have had a career break and are looking to ramp up their career again.  Pass on this short video where we hear from those who have taken part recently in a Returner programme and  how they found the experience.

Executive Coach Natalia Martinez dips into neuroscience to understand more about good communication.

In our role model corner, new dad Frederick Krespi of BAML shares his recent experience of shared parental leave.

WGeraldine Gallachere would love to hear what you find most helpful or suggestions for articles that you’d like us to cover next time.

Best wishes,
Geraldine Gallacher,
Managing Director

The Executive Coaching Consultancy


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