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Welcome to this Summer issue of Coaching Comment.  I know you have all had your own experiences in Lockdown and for some it has been an immensely challenging time.  This issue, we have curated a range of pieces to help you make sense of the last few months and to be well resourced to prepare for your own, your team’s and your families’ psychological and practical transition back to the new normal over the coming months.

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I explore how we might respond to the Great Re-Integration and some recommendations from what we have been working on here at ECC with an increasingly large virtual team.  Take stock with a piece by Executive Coach Kate Kardooni on how a SWOT analysis can support you to prepare to transition out of lockdown.  Jane Storer explores the need for change in how organisations and leaders find ways to build more inclusive cultures.

On the theme of wellbeing – Executive Coach Gemma Bullivant draws on themes of Growth Mindset, Control and Energy Management to proactively support your wellbeing during this time of change.

Nutritionist Jessica Ferrari-Wells suggests tips you can take, even in the busiest of days, to support your wellbeing and mitigate the impact of stress.

For couples and families – Executive Coach Melany Green draws highlights from the book ‘Couples That Work’ and the key elements that she sees help working couples to thrive.

And, just in time for the school holidays, parenting coach Elaine Halligan explains how a Boredom Buster jar can help ease the pressure from you and enable your children to have more fun this Summer.

We are delighted that our second annual, Parental Fog Index, has launched.  This ranks the websites for the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers by how transparent their support is for working parents.   Last year’s report was a clear call to action for employers to be more transparent in the support they offer working parents.  A year on, what progress has been made?  What employers have risen in the rankings, which have fallen, and why?

Finally, I had the chance to speak to Harriet Minter (Journalist, broadcaster and presenter of Badass Women’s Hour on talkRADIO and former editor of Women in Leadership at the Guardian) to discuss some of the articles and themes that have emerged out of the Covid-19 pandemic that promote the cause for more female leaders. Is it helpful to conflate a new collaborative leadership style with women or does this exacerbate the problem? Have a listen to the episode as part of ECC’s new podcast series ‘Shifting the Needle’.

We do value any feedback or suggestions for future issues.  In the meantime, I wish you all the very best for a healthy and happy Summer.

Geraldine Gallacher- CEO & Founder of the Executive Coaching Consultancy

CEO – Geraldine Gallacher

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