February 2018 – Managing Energy Not Time

I have saved you the time needed to read this great new book from Daniel Pink ‘When – the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing’ which is actually all about managing your energy, not your time.

Neuroscientist Magdalena Bak-Maier continues the theme and shares how she helps clients create fulfilling lives and careers that can be in balance and thrive and shares her Grid model.

My co-director Emma Spitz highlights the importance of perception and self-promotion to have your success recognised.

Executive Coach Lisa Middlemas highlights the elements for healthy longevity in Dan Buettner’s Ted Talk ‘How to Live to be 100’.

Parenting expert Elaine Halligan of The Parent Practice explains ways to encourage a positive approach to co-parenting.

Zoe Sinclair of Employees Matter shares the inspiring story of two strangers who met on Waterloo Bridge and ten years later are campaigning for better mental health support in the workplace.

We would love to hear what you find most helpful or suggestions for articles that you’d like us to cover next time and do email me back any ideas or comments.

Best wishes,
Geraldine Gallacher,
Managing Director

The Executive Coaching Consultancy

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