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We’re hearing many stories from parents who are having a hard time juggling work, children, IT complications and the whole domestic load alongside the worry about staying healthy. While there is no doubt that it is tough getting the balance right there are some good stories of couples welcoming some of the enforced changes to the way they set their relationship parameters. Changes that couples have decided to maintain post lockdown. In other words, changes for good.

For most though it feels like they haven’t had the chance to even have a conversation about how things are working for them in these testing circumstances. In the interests of providing a focus for couples to have a constructive conversation about how best to figure out what’s working and what could change for good we have created a change4good quiz for you and your partner to try out.

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The idea is you complete it (it’s only 8 questions) separately and then share your answers over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Some of the questions require a forced choice (we wanted to spark a conversation!) but if you can’t answer it you can just explain why you missed it out. Sceptical to try it? Here’s a short blog from one dual career couple who have given the quiz a go. Good luck and here’s hoping some positive things emerge from this pandemic.

Geraldine Gallacher, Master Coach & CEO of ECC 

  1. Complete the quiz separately to your partner
  2. Share your answers with each other once you have both completed the quiz
  3. Discuss and explore your answers
  4. Please do share with your friends
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