Career transitions in action

With our focus on transitions this issue we interviewed four different professionals to share their real life experiences, as they transitioned from their successful Corporate roles.

Rashida Abdulai- Transitions


Rashida Abdulai

We interview Rashida Abdulai, Founder & CEO of Strand Sahara on her transition from senior lawyer to entrepreneur running an online legal platform.

Read Rashida’s full interview here.


Tim Hardy on Transitions


Tim Hardy – 

City Litigation Partner Tim Hardy, tells us how he is making his transition to working independently and growing a practice.

Read Tim’s full interview here.



Christina Patterson- Transitions


Christina Patterson

Christina Patterson shares her experience of how the challenge of losing her job led to creating a new career portfolio and a Book of the Year along the way.

Read Christina Patterson’s article on ‘The lows and highs after ‘Career Disruption’ here.


Michelle Weston- Transitions


Michelle Weston –

We interview Michelle Weston on her shift from corporate life in finance to now working with us at ECC as CEO of the Good Business Initiative.

Read Michelle Weston’s interview here.


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