Coaching Comment March 2019: Artificial Intelligence and Technology at Work

Our L&D Programme Manager Sarah Lyons looks at AI and whether AI might adversely affect women.   This got me thinking… In my family we always have a laugh at the expense of my sister Julie, who, when attempting to get Alexa to respond to her music requests, has to resort to asking her 15 year old son to tell Alexa what she wants to listen to. Alexa seems to respond better to male commands! So it appears that we are teaching young men to boss about female assistants without so much as a please or thankyou!

Executive Coach Claudia Filsinger looks at the development of a coaching robot and how this could complement other performance management, mentoring and coaching interventions in the future.

We know our readers enjoy some practical pieces and Karen Falcocchio’s review of ‘How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back’ she provides a snapshot of key behaviours that can get in the way of future success for women.

Parenting expert Elaine Halligan shares her tips on how to establish some positive habits for your family’s use of technology and what to look out for.

Many of you will know the networking organising Cityparents, and we interview founder  Louisa Symington-Mills, on how her career has evolved to run a successful business with a team working remotely, and her now being based in the UAE.

Do take a moment to read the issue, and we always welcome any feedback, questions or comments of what you’d like more/less of.

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