20 Learnings from 2020 by ECC

In the spirit of the holiday season, we did a little reflective ECC team exercise to capture some of our personal/work learnings from 2020.  Alike many companies during the pandemic, we’ve experienced some of the trials and tribulations that have really tested our team resilience, adaptability, and ultimately how well we practice what we preach as a company. We share some of our work and personal learnings with you below:

  1. Staying connected with others is energising.  – Jenae Matheson, Programme Coordinator 
  2. The power of collaboration. A vaccine in 9 months. What else could we resolve if we tackled problems together? Geraldine Gallacher, CEO
  3. I have learned to surrender with grace, be kinder, more patient and trust- Laura Miller, Data & Reporting
  4. I can be content without longing for much. Contentment is within us. –Valeria Bille, UK Executive Coach 
  5. Through caring for each other, our clients, our coachees we have together made a positive difference during an incredibly difficult time. – Emma Spitz, Director at ECC 
  6. Us really understanding and taking care of ourselves is more important than most other things – Patrick McMaster, Executive Coach 
  7. To love zoom 🤣🤣🤣 – General consensus across ECC 
  8. To give Corona free hugs to my mum for my sisters as I’m the only one in her bubble – Debbie Moore, Director at ECC
  9. I’ve realised my patience, grit and resilience are a lot stronger than I had thought! Just getting to the end of 2020 in one piece is something I’m celebrating! Roxanne Hobbs, UK Executive Coach 
  10. I notice in this revised world of social distancing, many individuals’ experience of “touching” others lives has become more vivid – strengthened our links to distanced friends, increased our empathy for others, heightened our appreciation of smaller and simpler pleasures, and clarified what really matters to each one. Susan Hall, Executive Coach Hong Kong  (my observation from coaching clients, talking and listening to friends & family, and of course my own experience !)
  11. Community spirit is alive and well – from simple acts of kindness to protests in solidarity of a better tomorrow  – Michelle Smith, Design & Development Manager
  12. Never neglect your friendships. Your friendship circle is a source of strength, sanity and sense of humour! – Melany Green, Executive Coach South Africa
  13. I have learnt that shouting gets you nowhere 😉 … Only joking (well kind of) but I would say that I’ve learnt that I don’t want my children to look back and think that work was more important than them  – Fiona Martins, Insights & Engagement Manager
  14. I have learned to channel my inner Elsa and Let It Go! And…. I have learned to treasure the little moments, to delight in the mundane and to make peace with not being able to control everything.  – Samantha Walls, Programme Coordinator 
  15. We can work remotely and be secure. I didn’t think it was possible but here we are, and personally I feel so proud of us. – Svetla Nikolova, IT Coordinator
  16. I have learned the importance of showing myself the same level of kindness, understanding and patience that I would show my friends. – Holly Olive, Programmes Lead Manager 
  17. Exercise always makes me feel better – even though most days I have to force myself to do it! – Kelly Hart, Insights & Research Coordinator
  18. Giving myself permission to structure in regular breaks during the day has increased my energy and made a huge difference to my well-being, – Charlotte Phillips , Executive Coach & Design Lead
  19. I have learnt the power of nature, during Lockdown I became a strava fiend and realised how important nature is for my wellbeing – Nicole Dainton, Marketing Manager 
  20. Appreciating and loving that the wonders of modern technology have been able to keep me connected with my friends and family in these difficult times. Seeing a virtual smile has become really special! Katie Kardooni, Executive Coach UK 

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year from the ECC Team. A little throwback picture below from less testing times in 2019!




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