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What constitutes good leadership is constantly evolving. The demands on today's leaders are less about control and much more about enabling others to flourish. The key to increased productivity is increased engagement. Getting the best out of others requires emotional literacy and heightened empathy. It's tempting to imagine these are innate character traits. We believe they can be learned. Our Leader as Coach programme aims to embrace leaders' ability to understand others in order to unleash enhanced performance.

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Who is Leader as Coach for?

Managers at all levels and also HR professionals who are supporting their organisation move toward a coaching culture.

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How does it work?

We offer this as both short and longer more in-depth modular courses. We tailor content to make it relevant to what an organisation is aiming to achieve.


These courses show immediate benefits for participants and their teams as they put in place a more enabling work-style. Benefits include higher levels of motivation, innovation and performance. Our experience is born out of 25 years of coaching leaders in a diverse array of industries.


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