Inclusive Leadership

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Today’s leadership requires the whole person to be engaged in the whole system. For individuals, organisations and society to prosper in the future, this integrated approach to leadership is essential.

In fact, the concept of the leader ‘in charge’ needs to be turned on its head. New forms of leadership will be inclusive, collaborative, sustainable, of service to individuals, and for social good. This requires high levels of self-awareness, social and cultural intelligence, and courage.

We help participants and organisations to harness strengths, value difference, and build resilience to drive success.

Who is this for?

The Inclusive Leadership Programme is aimed at organisations wanting to build on unconscious bias training and has been developed in response to robust research that suggests unconscious bias training has not had the desired effect in shifting the needle to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. The solution should focus less on the negative behaviours associated with bias and more on developing the critical skills that leaders need to succeed now and in the future.

Embracing multiple perspectives is a critical skill for us all. In this programme we go beyond awareness to develop the skills to truly listen, empathise and build solutions together.  We can only do this by walking in the shoes of those unlike us, from whom we can learn. In this programme we bring together people from different  demographics to learn from each other and to value difference.

How it Works

Bespoke Content

  • Our work in this area is always bespoke to the organisation, we identify where you are currently on the leadership journey, where your priorities lie, where you see the opportunities, and what your measurable outcomes are.
  • We co-create with your participants, taking them on the journey themselves, building their understanding and their own behaviours.

Programme Format

  • Depending upon your objectives, we run one off events or modular programmes or a combination of both. The aim being to inspire action and to help you to embed change.

Blended Approach

  • Our aim is to provide insight and inspire action using thought leadership, collaborative discussion, experimentation and reflective learning.
  • With our core expertise as coaches we approach all interventions with an adult-adult dynamic, a sense of enquiry and a desire for non-judgmental exploration. We don’t see ourselves as the ‘teachers’ of future leadership in your organisation, but the facilitator of the conversation that helps to define it.

External Perspective

  • As we are inviting you and your teams to explore different perspectives, we may introduce you to external networks. We may suggest linking you to different non-competitive commercial or third sector organisation and/or arrange guest speakers to join you to bring in their different perspectives too.

Develop Insights

  • Any change needs to start with self and we often use a combination of tools or processes to build awareness and self-insights. Our coaches are accredited in psychometrics and we also use various 360 feedback mechanisms.


Moving towards an inclusive leadership style not only allows people to work at their best but attracts the best talent. Young leaders today are looking for those organisations who understand and embrace this forward-thinking approach.


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