Inclusive Leadership

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Inclusive Leadership has been proven to directly enhance performance; teams with inclusive leaders are more likely to say they make high quality decisions, report that they are high performing and more likely to agree that they behave more collaboratively.

ECC’s Inclusive Leadership Programme combines powerful coaching strategies with evidence based techniques to help you change your people and your culture. We integrate a personalised approach with an organisational and systemic awareness that supports scalable transformation for your organisation.

Coaching in Context

We deliver an experience that is personalised and distinct to the individual and their context, supporting long term growth and development.

Scalable Solutions

Whether it’s group, team or 1-1 – We integrate and apply delivery methods that are tailored to your organisation to help you achieve transformation


We provide support and resources, and set you up for ongoing peer coaching so that you can see results long after we have gone!

How it Works

Your Context – Our work in this area is always bespoke to the organisation. We identify where you are currently in developing your leadership talent, your organisation’s goals and where you see the opportunities.

Backed by Evidence & Insights – We are experts in the behavioural sciences and integrate this with evidence backed insights to ensure our programmes develop the ideal mindset and behavioural traits for inclusive leadership.

Flexible Structure – We ensure it’s an entirely personalised approach with a format determined by your objectives and the organisation’s business needs.

Accessibility – We deliver anywhere in the world, whether it’s virtual or in-person. It’s your choice.

On-going Evaluation & Support– We partner with you to achieve sustainable change long after their coaching has finished, with the added value of on-going support that an individual can tap into whenever they need.


Moving towards an inclusive leadership style not only allows people to work at their best but attracts the best talent. Young leaders today are looking for those organisations who understand and embrace this forward-thinking approach.


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