Tony Wang

Executive Coach

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Before becoming an accredited executive coach, Tony worked in a variety of well-known multinational companies, with 16 years’ experience, such as Michelin, DuPont and Siegwerk. Tony began his career in sales & marketing, before moving into broader business operations roles.

His last corporate role was as a Business Unit Head responsible for business operations across Great China. He has accumulated solid knowledge, skills and experience in sales & marketing and business operations with outstanding business performance and team development.

After receiving executive coaching in 2011, Tony decided to follow his new found passion for coaching and help others become better versions of themselves and embrace this legacy-leaving cause for the rest of his life.

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Coaching Style

Authenticity: To be yourself. A personal career transition was a great gift for Tony to understand himself better. He believes that it is always powerful to help the client to clarify “who they are” and “what they really want to do”. Everyone is special which leads to their successful path. And the starting point is to be yourself.

Advancement: Growth Mindset. He serves the client with an open-mind and positive thinking.  Challenging assumptions and underlying commitments so we open up to new possibilities and avoid narrowed thinking. Tony has a strong willingness to explore different perspectives and unleash people’s potential and reach their target.

Appreciation: Connection with the world. Tony works to help leaders appreciate their strengths and develop others through appreciation and trust.  Appreciation is the process of creating more value to the others and the world.

Special Interests

Tony is a Gallup Certified strength coach.  As BU head in 2010, he used his top5 strengths to manage his team (Harmony, Responsibility, Learner, Developer and Focus as his top 5 strengths). He realises that people often think about what they lack, or their weaknesses and forget about what they have or be good at. What if they can fully know about their talents and utilize their strengths, how will they be then?

Emotional Intelligence is also one of his special interests. Tony is qualified to use EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360.  Some leaders tend to hide their emotions, which can cause them to lose the chance to improve themselves, their teams and deliver high performance.

During his spare time, Tony likes practising yoga and plays badminton regularly.

Training & Qualifications

He graduated as bachelor of polymer science and got an MBA master degree in Shanghai International MBA school. Tony become a professional certified coach (PCC by International Coach Federation) in 2015 and a certified professional facilitator (CPF by International Association Facilitation) in 2018. In the last 4 years, he has furthered his studies within the coaching profession including TCI team coaching and Organisation Relationship System Coaching (ORSC).

Current Clients

A.O.Smith , Sumitomo , Siemens , Ford Dealers , Eastern Electric , Hitachi, Thermofisher, DSM etc.