Sophie Bertrand- Executive Coach
Area of expertise
  • Developing Leaders
  • Working Parents

Sophie Bertrand

Executive Coach

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For 15 years, Sophie has worked with VPs, directors, managers and collaborators of many companies to accompany them in their strategic transformation, their operational implementation and the managerial challenges included in their journeys. What matters to her is to give them thinking space, height rise and pleasure. This will allow them to solve their challenges and reach their objectives. She helps them to improve their leadership, communication skills, ways of working, stress management, relationship with collaborators or clients, well-being at work.

What she loves most about her job is human beings; to observe, experiment, and to help her clients find their own solutions to win and achieve their dreams. Her motto: transformation is life!

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Sophie started her career as a bio-engineer doing research at a leading pharmaceutical company for about 10 years. She had 5 years as an independent consultant initially to survey scientific environment and competitive intelligence to advise deals between biotechs and big pharmas. She then moved into project and portfolio management. She turned executive coach graduating from France’s leading business schools coaching program and has since then focused on helping her clients’ leadership development.

Coaching Style

Sophie is dynamic, versatile and action-oriented. She brings energy, creativity and positive mindset in the relation with her clients. Her holistic, systemic and global approach links cognitive, emotional, somatic and relational intelligence and assures to her clients the coherence between their intention, motivation and achievements. Her intuition and deep active listening help her clients develop individual and collective performance and reveal creative behaviours.

Coaching Specialisms

Sophie is passionate about learning, building, innovating and experimenting with teams.She does everything in her power to share her liking for human, for action and for novelty.

She’s a specialist into:

  • Collective intelligence in crisis period
  • Communication for authentic and effective relationship
  • Motivation and engagement at work

Training & Qualifications

  • Certified Supervisor from IDSUP Paris (on going)
  • Member of Professional Supervisor Federation and International Coach Federation
  • Professional certified coach from International Coach Federation
  • Certified practitioner in neurocognitive and behavioural approach from Institute of Neurocognitivism Paris
  • Practitioner in somatic and perceptual coaching from ViaCorpo Paris
  • Certified Process Com coach and trainer from Kahler France
  • Master of business coaching from International Mozaik Paris
  • Active Learning Coaching from the business school HEC Paris

Current Clients

Pharmaceutical, Banks, High Tech, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Insurance, Business School, State Education.