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Rainbow Chow

Executive Coach

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For the past twenty one years, Rainbow has pursued her life’s passion to be a learning consultant and coach. She believes coaching is a process of enlightenment for both her client and herself. She is enthusiastic about partnering with executives and strived to create positive impacts on their personal growth and their lives. Her clients describe her as empathetic, professional and trustworthy.

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Rainbow started off as an accountant in one of the big four accounting firms in Hong Kong and New York.  After working in the accounting field for five years, she decided that she was more interested in working with people than numbers.  She was offered training position in the internal training department and then set up the Client Training Group in Hong Kong. She was then seconded to London where she gained exposure to million-pound projects and then became the Asia Pacific account manager for a major global training outsourcing project.  Rainbow became an independent learning consultant twelve years ago providing coaching, facilitation and learning consultancy services to local and multinational clients.

Coaching Style

Rainbow is a Mindfulness practitioner which allows her to work in the moment with clients.  Being “present” for her client and having a friendly and approachable character has put her clients at ease and coaching interventions have always been enjoyable and fruitful.  She adopts an Ontological coaching approach to support her clients in achieving their goals and creating a new way of being. Her clients describe her coaching style as focused, supportive and empathetic.

Special Interests

Rainbow has extensive experience in coaching individuals (500 + hours) on career development and parental transitioning, helping people discover ways that would work for them in achieving their career goals.  She is also a certifier and practitioner for GENOs Emotional Intelligence Instrument.  As an EI specialist, she is able to help clients understand themselves from an emotional intelligence perspectives to uncover underlying blind spots and utilise their emotional intelligence to generate positive results.  As a training consultant she is specialised in personal branding, presentation and communication skills.


Rainbow is an Professional Certified Coach of International Coaching Federation (ICF) and was a board member and Vice President of ICF Hong Kong Chapter from 2012 to 2015.  She is also a founding member ofEuropean Mentoring and Coaching Council of Asia Pacific region and a member of International Association of Coaching, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches, and International Association of Facilitators.  Rainbow is a certifier and accredited practitioner for GENOs Emotional Intelligence Instruments, licensed practitioner for Coach U Coaching Clinic Programme, an accredited practitioner of Everything DISC, the Herman Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), Think On Your Feet, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Harrison Assessment Profile and a qualified trainer for Great Place to Work Training Programmes.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from New York University, U.S.A. and has a postgraduate diploma in Training and Performance Management from the University of Leicester.


Currently her clients are based in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia.  Her clients range from managers to country CEOs and from multi-national banks, financial institutions, legal, luxury automotives, utilities, public transportation, universities,  as well as non-profit and charitable organisations.