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  • Developing Leaders
  • Women in the Workplace

Marie Dumas

Executive Coach

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Strategic Partner of ECC.

Marie is a former Fortune 500 Training and Development Executive who applies her business experience and comprehensive portfolio of industry leading skills to coach leaders and top talent to perform at their highest potential. Marie has seen what it takes to be successful and continue to develop in today’s complex, global and constantly changing business environment. She has coached leaders and teams through mergers, re-organizations, leadership transitions, divestitures and the impact of risk and regulatory changes. Marie works with rising top talent who aspire to take on roles of increasing responsibility and impact and must often recognise and re-focus habits and behaviours that don’t serve them anymore. Marie is described by her clients as being able to see the big picture, build rapport quickly and demonstrate she is open to engage with any personal change challenge. She is willing to ask hard questions in service to growth and discovery, working toward practical and solution oriented goals in service to her client’s immediate and long-term success.

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Coaching Style

One of Marie’s favourite quotes illustrates her coaching style. “Man’s mind, once stretched to a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”  – Oliver Wendell Holmes. This concept is very powerful for her because it speaks to the continuous process of personal growth through discovery.   Marie takes a unique but pragmatic and holistic view with each client by asking “Who are you now?  Who do you aspire to be?”  She works with her clients to identify and leverage their strengths and values, assess the style they bring to work, clarify how others see her clients “show up” in the multiplicity of roles they play (e.g. leader, subordinate, peer and manager), and uncover the stories we tell ourselves – in some cases it’s a form of self-talk which is limiting, at other times it’s a view of competence which prevents us from seeing blind spots.  The result is a development plan and actions to achieve immediate and lasting impact and breakthrough results.

Special Interests

Marie is the founding partner of Pelham Performance Partners, a consultancy specialising in executive coaching, management and leadership training and organisational effectiveness strategies that deliver meaningful results through innovative work models and pragmatic programs and processes.  She dedicates a substantive portion of her time to pro-bono coaching and consulting in not-for-profit agencies including The Clinton Foundation, Ashoka, Year-Up, and the Episcopal Church.


Marie is a former Managing Director, Chief Learning Officer, with JPMorgan, where she spent 18 years delivering global organizational effectiveness, learning, and analyst development strategies which drove results, mitigated risk, defined culture and developed leaders world-wide. Additional industry experience includes leading financial services companies, major publishing and entertainment conglomerate, and prominent consulting firm.

Training and Qualifications

Marie has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts in Boston and holds these credentials and certifications including:

  •  iCoach NY Coaching Certificate
  •  EQ-2.0/EQ360 Certified
  •  Columbia University Advanced Organisational Development (4 week) and Principles and Practices of OD (2 week) certificates
  • MBTI
  • Hogan Assessment Suite
  • Advanced Team Building from NTL

She is committed to continuous development of her own skills including regular coaching supervision and coursework.