Magali Toussaint
Area of expertise
  • Developing Leaders
  • Women in the Workplace

Magali Toussaint

Executive Coach

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Magali has over 10 years experience in crafting international recruitment, career and diversity strategies and coaching and facilitating workshops for international companies located in different countries. She grew up in France but moved away shortly after her schooling to live in the United Kingdom and then Australia, before settling in the Netherlands. She has always had a different perspective which has helped her find her way through life's various challenges.

She has both personal and academic experience accredited by several international institutions and is a specialist in the management of cultural diversity. She has built her coaching career focused on promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion in organizations.

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Coaching Style

Magali uses an unconventional, intense and unique approach when meeting the needs of clients. Having a diverse, equal and inclusive factor has helped her succeed in her career by helping international leaders and cross-cultural companies develop strategies to understand how to work with a diverse team and find a way to improve teamwork.


The most important thing for Magali is to make an impact on her clients personal and professional life and to strengthen diversity and inclusion values within organizations based in a goal-oriented implementation.

Coaching Specialisms

  • Help clients take concrete actions so they can attract, develop and engage diverse talent and inclusive leaders in innovative workplaces.
  • Magali’s interests lie in international organizations, offering a multilevel action plan to improve values and mindsets resulting in an optimal workflow.
  • Improve organizations so they can outperform their competition and be different in an inclusive way to empower their diverse employees.
  • As a Diversity, Leadership, and Talent expert, Magali helps organizations and individuals get the best outcomes with consulting, coaching, training, strategies, assessments, facilitation workshops to offer a solution for different organization problems, such as managing diversity in complex environments by increasing innovation revenue or boost inclusive executive and leadership capabilities in global contexts.

Training & Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Management of Cultural Diversity from Tilburg University
  • Certified as ICF coach
  • CIPD Certification in Human Resources Practices
  • Certified in Executive and Leadership Development
  • Certified as Coach, Career Management Coach and Cross-Cultural Trainer from International House in London.
  • Strengthscope accredited
  • Intercultural Readiness Check from IRC
  • Cultural Orientation Framework Certified from COF
  • Certified Diversity Recruiter

Current Clients

Magali’s background and professional history has enabled her to help companies and professionals around the world change behaviours and design long-term strategies to achieve business goals. Companies she has worked with are from various industries such as internet, foundations, music production and economy.

The international organizations that have worked with Magali can stand out from the crowd, come up with innovative solutions, and take action to make things happen.