Working Parents Online- The ECC Hub

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ECC has created an online, interactive and engaging set of resources, designed to support working parents and managers.

It is a scalable, global solution that helps people address some of the challenges faced as parenting and work life coincide. This portal provides articles, videos and interactive exercises all geared to making the journey to becoming a working parent a fulfilling one on both the work and home front.

Who is this for?

The ECC Hub is a great resource, whether the employee is a mother, father, or manager. The Hub contains a range of resources, specially designed for easy access and limited time constraints.

Although a standalone resource, it works well in conjunction with face to face coaching.

Key Benefits

The ECC Hub:

  • Helps organisations to support employees worldwide
  • Is an online portal which combines our parental transition coaching methods with dedicated online resources
  • Combines over 25 years of executive coaching experience into pragmatic support to help managers handle the parental transition with confidence, sensitivity and skill
  • Is a blended learning approach, with a wide range of resources from online videos, interactive exercises, ParentWise tips, and articles.


For many, finding the time to access training is can be difficult with family time constraints. ECC Hub allows viewers to learn in their own time, on their own terms.


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