Leader as Coach

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One of the key skills that Leaders need to have today is to be able to coach others. A great leader is no longer the font of all knowledge, but the person with the skills to unlock creativity and innovation in a team and in wider stakeholders. This requires them to provide an environment where individuals can explore and share thinking, so that people and performance flourish. Well-honed coaching skills; questioning to challenge thinking, listening with interest and providing feedback, are essential.

Who is Leader as Coach for?

Managers at all levels and also HR professionals who are supporting their organisation move toward a coaching culture.

Key Benefits

How does it work?

We offer this as both short and longer more in-depth modular courses. We tailor content to make it relevant to what an organisation is aiming to achieve.


These courses show immediate benefits for participants and their teams as they put in place a more enabling work-style. Benefits include higher levels of motivation, innovation and performance.


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